Healthy Birthday Snack Alternatives

Birthday Recognition /Classroom Holiday Parties

We understand birthday cupcakes and holiday treats have been a long-held and popular tradition in many schools. However, our school district has adopted a "no food" policy for birthdays and other classroom celebrations.

This “no food’ policy is for the protection of students with food allergies and the overall healthy eating and wellness program implemented by our school district. 

Below are some non-food ideas for birthdays or celebrations: 

  1. Donate a book to the school library in honor of your child. (This has the added benefit of building up school libraries.)
  2.  Bring in stickers, pencils, erasers, or inexpensive toys such as stretchy frogs or plastic tops for the class.
  3. Donate a plant to beautify the school grounds, such as flowers, bulbs, trees, or bushes.
  4. Donate a board game to be used for indoor recess or a sturdy jump rope or ball for outdoor games.
  5. Have a family member come to class to read a story or share a special talent or skill, or allow the child to share their talents with the class.
  6. Work with your child's teacher to plan (and possibly fund) a special art project in honor of your child's birthday.

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