Dress Code

Waukegan Public Schools has adopted a Dress Code (uniform) Policy for all of our students.Information regarding this policy has been made available to all of our McCall families. It is expected that all students, in the interest of school order and unity, will comply with this policy.

Navy blue, black or khaki jumpers, skorts, skirts, shorts, capris, or pants
White, black or blue shirt and tucked in at waist
McCall spirit-wear t-shirt
Plain blue or white turtlenecks, sweaters, and sweatshirts without a hood
Leggings and tights must be navy blue or white and may only be worn under a jumper, skirt or skort.
Appropriate school shoes. Gym shoes MUST BE worn for gym.

Jeans or skinny pants
Tops with words, pictures, designs, or colors
Sweat pants (maybe worn underneath skirts and jumpers on cold days but must be removed once students enter class)
Hooded sweatshirts
Open-toed shoes, sandals/flip-flops
Girls’ shoes with heels or wedges
Shoes with wheels or cleats

Examples of unacceptable wear:
Tops with spaghetti straps.
Tops whose neckline falls below an imaginary horizontal line drawn between the two armpits.
Halter tops, tube tops, one shoulder tops.
Tops whose bottom hem does not overlap with the pants/skirt/shorts.
Shorts or skirts that do not cover to mid-thigh. Another guideline is that skirt/shorts should not be shorter than 6 inches from mid knee.
Shorts, skirts or pants that are worn in a manner that does not completely cover undergarments.
Boys pants must be worn at the waist, boxer shorts must not be showing.
Clothing that is so tightly fitted or so sheer that it reveals undergarments.
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